Richard Scholes

(Home Church, Morecambe)

Richard Scholes is the Pastor of Home Church in Morecambe.  He is married to Esther and has five children: Isaac, Daniel, Joel, Levi and Eva.

Desite being from an excellent Christian home Richard spent his late teens and early twenties 'off the rails' and involved in the drug scene first of York and then in Morecambe.  “After years of ignoring God and trying to do it all my way, I finally broke and realised that my life was empty and pointless.  I knew deep down that the only place I had ever known peace was in God’s family and so after a long struggle against the Lord I finally submitted my life to Him.  What can I say; I wish I’d never walked away!”

Richard and Esther have served in the Free Methodist Church all of their Christian lives, and following three years at Regents Theological College sensed God’s call to return to Morecambe.  They are passionate about building a church that is founded on mission, a church that is 'go and do' rather than 'come and see'.  They are exploring different outreach and worship ideas as they seek to bring the gospel to areas of the community that are un-churched sometimes for generations.

Richard says: “Even though I made huge mistakes in my life, I had a way to access the church and a frame-work of belief that helped me to repent and turn my life around.  In the place where we live there are people in their 40s who have been trapped since their teens by the same mistakes I made, and unless the church goes out and engages these precious people in effective ways then they may never find the freedom of following Jesus that so many of us take for granted.”